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Egypt - Labor Force Survey, LFS 2016

Data File

Egypt 2016-LFS IND-V1

Content The individual data file contains generated individual-level harmonized variables, subject to availability, enveloped in the following categories:
- File identification and information
- Demographics
- Nationality and immigration
- Education
- Current labor status
- Employment in main job
- Wages and incomes
- Employment in secondary job
- Last held job characteristics
- Unemployment characteristics
- Inactivity reason(s)
In cross-sectional datasets, both CASESER and PNUM are used to uniquely identify an individual.
In panel data, the ROUND, CASESER and PNUM are required to uniquely identify a certain individual, while the HPNLID and PPNLID variables are used to identify paneled individuals.
Cases 347604
Variable(s) 60
Structure:Type: relational
Keys: CASESER (Unique household identifier), PNUM (Individual identifier)


YEAR Survey year
ROUND Survey round
DTYPE Data type
CASESER Unique household identifier
PNUM Individual identifier
PWEIGHT Individual weight
REG Region
RURURB Urban/Rural residence
SEX Gender
MART Marital status [Standardized version]
MART_D Marital status [Detailed version]
REL Relationship to head [Standardized version]
REL_D Relationship to head [Detailed version]
LIT Literacy status
EVERATTD Ever attended school
ATTSCH School attendance status
EDUC Educational level [Standardized version]
EDUC_D Educational level [Detailed version]
CERTIF Certificate specialization
GRADYR Year of graduation
YEDUC Number of effective years of schooling
ENROL Level of schooling presently attending
LFS Labor force status in the reference period
MAS Main activity status in the reference period [Standardized version]
MAS_D Main activity status in the reference period [Detailed version]
EMPS Status of employment in the main job during the reference period
OCC Occupation classification of the main job [Standardized version]
OCC_ISCO88_4 Occupation classification of the main job [ISCO 1988-4 digit]
IND Economic activity classification of the main job [Standardized version]
IND_ISIC4_4 Economic activity classification of the main job [ISIC Rev.4-4 digits]
SECTOR Sector of employment of the main job [Standardized version]
SECTOR_D Sector of employment of the main job [Detailed version]
WRKPLC Workplace of the main job
GWRKPLC Geographical workplace of the main job
TENURE Tenure in the main job
EMPSTAB Employment stability in the main job
EMPCONT Employment contract in the main job
HLTHINS Has health insurance
SOCSEC Has social security coverage
ESTAB Working in an establishment at the main job
NUMWRK Number of workers in establishment of the main job
HRSWK Total weekly working hours in the main job
SEEKWRK Seeking additional employment during the reference period
WNTCHJ Want to change the main job/get an additional job
TOTWAG Total monthly wage from the regular main job
IRRGWAG Total daily wages from seasonal/irregular jobs
UNEMPDUR Unemployment duration in months
SRCHACT_02 Seeking a job by registering with a public/private employment service
SRCHACT_03 Seeking a job by participating in employment competitions
SRCHACT_04 Seeking a job by arranging for financial resources/applying for permits/licenses
SRCHACT_05 Seeking a job by searching for a private project
SRCHACT_06 Seeking a job by seeking the assistance of friends/relatives/other intermediaries
SRCHACT_07 Seeking a job by applying directly to the employer
SRCHACT_08 Seeking a job by reading/watching/responding to advertisements in newspapers/TV
SRCHACT_09 Seeking a job by online job searching
SRCHACT_10 Seeking a job by waiting in a gathering place
SRCHACT_90 Seeking a job through other activities not elsewhere classified
NOTSRCH_R Reason for not seeking a job during the reference period
Total variable(s): 60

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