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Jordan - Labor Market Panel Survey, JLMPS 2016

Labor Market Panel Survey, JLMPS 2016

Study Type
Labor Market Panel Surveys [hh/LMPS]

Series Information
The JLMPS 2016 is the second wave of the JLMPS longitudinal study.

The first wave was collected in 2010.

ID Number
Version Description
-----> V1.1: This version includes the following data files: JLMPS 2016 xs v1.1.dta, JLMPS 2016 panel v1.1.dta and JLMPS 2016 rep xs v1.1.dta.

For more information on the datafiles, see the "JLMPS 2016 Read Me v1.1 Public Release.pdf" file available among the external resources.

Production Date
"As part of its series of comprehensive labor market panel surveys, the Economic Research Forum had conducted a survey in Jordan in 2010, the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey of 2010 (JLMPS 2010) and had planned to conduct a new wave after six years. The JLMPS 2016 thus comes at an opportune time to allow for an in-depth assessment of critical social and economic developments in Jordan's recent history.

The JLMPS is part of a series of labor market panel surveys carried out by the Economic Research Forum (ERF) in several Arab countries since 1998 and whose microdata are available for public use through the ERF data portal. These surveys have, so far, been carried out in Egypt (1998, 2006, 2012), Jordan (2010, 2016) and Tunisia (2014). The ERF Labor Market Panel Surveys (LMPSs) are carried out in cooperation with the national statistical office of each country. Accordingly, the JLMPS 2016 was carried out in cooperation with the Jordanian Department of Statistics (DoS), which had preserved the personally identifiable information (PII) of the sample from the previous wave, supplied a refresher sample based on the design provided by ERF researchers, and implemented all data collection activities using tablet computers.

As part of a longitudinal survey, the 2016 wave of JLMPS was designed to follow an existing population over time. However, the 2016 wave was also designed to capture the implications of the large influx of new populations, both refugee and migrant worker flows, into Jordan during the intervening period. To this end, the survey design team decided to add a large refresher sample of 3,000 households that over-sampled neighborhoods in Jordan that had high proportions of non-Jordanian households, including refugee camps, as ascertained by the 2015 Population Census. New modules were also added to the questionnaire to inquire about the in-migration of non-Jordanians, food security, and household exposure to shocks and coping strategies. We assume in this paper that the 2015 Census population counts of various nationality groups are appropriate for our sample and reproduce these counts by means of the appropriate ex-post weights" (Krafft and Assaad, 2018).

Kind of Data
Sample survey data [ssd]

Units of Analysis
1- Households.

2- Individuals.

The topics covered by the survey included:

1- basic demographic and work characteristics,

2- the characteristics of employment, unemployment, and underemployment,

3- labor mobility,

4- the family enterprise (to study the characteristics of informal sector employment),

5- women's work,

6- health,

7- in-migration (non-Jordanians),

8- information technology,

9- savings & borrowing,

10- gender attitudes, and

11- earnings.

Geographic Coverage
The sample was designed to provide estimates of the indicators at the national level, for urban and rural areas, and for all regions.

The survey covered a national sample of households and all individuals permanently residing in surveyed households.

Producers and Sponsors
Primary Investigator(s)
Economic Research Forum
Other Producer(s)
Department of Statistics The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Metadata Production
Metadata Produced By
Economic Research ForumERF
Date of Metadata Production
DDI Document Version
version 1.1

DDI Document ID

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