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Jordan - Labor Market Panel Survey, JLMPS 2016

Dwelling characteristics


V9688housetyp Type of Housing Unit discretenumeric
V9689housetyp_cl Type of Housing Unit, 2010 compatible discretenumeric
V9690floor Material used for dwelling the floor discretenumeric
V9691floor_cl Material used for dwelling the floor, compatible discretenumeric
V9692extwalls Material for the exterior walls discretenumeric
V9693roof Material of the roof discretenumeric
V9694dwlarea Housing unit area in squared metres continnumeric
V9695rooms Rooms continnumeric
V9696tenancy Housing unit ownership discretenumeric
V9697drkwatsrc Main source of drinking water discretenumeric
V9698drkwatsrc_cl Main source of drinking water, compatible discretenumeric
V9699othwatsrc Main source of water for other purposes discretenumeric
V9700othwatsrc_cl Main source of water for other purposes, compatible discretenumeric
V9701lighting Main source of lighting discretenumeric
V9702water_heating Main source of water heating discretenumeric
V9703heating Main source of heating discretenumeric
V9704toilet Type of toilet facility discretenumeric
V9705toilet_cl Type of toilet facility, compatible discretenumeric
V9706drainage Sewage system discretenumeric
V9707garbage Principal means of garbage disposal discretenumeric
V9708fridge Own: fridge discretenumeric
V9709freezer Own: freezer discretenumeric
V9710ovenstove Own: ovenstove discretenumeric
V9711stoveonly Own: stoveonly discretenumeric
V9712washer Own: washer discretenumeric
V9713BWTV Own: B&W TV discretenumeric
V9714colorTV Own: Color TV discretenumeric
V9715satellite Own: Satellite discretenumeric
V9716video Own: Video discretenumeric
V9717phone Own: Phone discretenumeric
V9718mobile Own: Mobile discretenumeric
V9719solarheater Own: Solarheater discretenumeric
V9720PC Own: PC discretenumeric
V9721internet Own: Internet discretenumeric
V9722fax Own: fax discretenumeric
V9723sewingmach Own: Sewing machine discretenumeric
V9724dishwasher Own: dishwasher discretenumeric
V9725microwave Own: Microwave discretenumeric
V9726AC Own: AC discretenumeric
V9727vacuum Own: Vacuum discretenumeric
V9728camcorder Own: camcorder discretenumeric
V9729spaceheater Own: Spaceheater discretenumeric
V9730waterfilter Own: Waterfilter discretenumeric
V9731car Own: Car discretenumeric
V9732iron Own: Iron discretenumeric
V9733hairblower Own: Hairblower discretenumeric
V9734fan Own: fan discretenumeric
V9735radiorecorder Own: Radiorecorder discretenumeric
V9736recorder Own: Recorder discretenumeric
V9737laptop Own: Laptop discretenumeric
V9738waterheater Own: Waterheater discretenumeric
V9739waterpump Own: Waterpump discretenumeric
V9740bicycle Own: Bicycle discretenumeric
V9741moto Own: Motorcycle discretenumeric
V9742truck Own: Truck discretenumeric
V9743generator Own: generator discretenumeric

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