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Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia - Integrated Labor Market Panel Surveys, ILMPS, Egy-1988-1998-2006-2012, Jor-2010-2016, and Tun-2014

Reference ID ILMPS
Year 1988 - 2016
Country Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia
Producer(s) Economic Research Forum
Data Access policy Microdata request form (Licensed)

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Reference Documents
Read Me File V3.0, ILMPS

Variables' Codebook V3.0, ILMPS

Read Me File V1.0- Integrated Consumption and Poverty Estimates for the Labor Market Panel Surveys

Author(s) Economic Research Forum
Country Egypt
Language english
Download http://www.erfdataportal.com/index.php/catalog/140/download/2018

Citations of publications that used the study

» Assaad, Ragui, Caroline Krafft Krafft, Hanan Nazier Nazier, Racha Ramadan Ramadan, Atiyeh Vahidmanesh, and Sami Zouari. "Estimating Poverty and Inequality in the Absence of Consumption Data: An Application to the Middle East and North Africa." (2017).

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