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Jordan - Labor Market Panel Survey, JLMPS 2016

Basic Characteristics of Household Members


V9618round Round discretenumeric
V9619indid Unique individual id discretecharacter
V9620hhid Unique household id discretecharacter
V9621pn Individual no. in hh discretenumeric
V9622Fhhid Unique household ID when first obs. discretecharacter
V9623Findid Unique indiv. ID when first obs. discretecharacter
V9624Fpsu PSU household first sampled under discretecharacter
V9625indid_2010 Unique individual ID in 2010 discretecharacter
V9626hhid_2010 Unique household ID in 2010 discretecharacter
V9627pn_2010 Individual no. in hh in 2010 discretenumeric
V9628in_2010 Individual observed in 2010 round discretenumeric
V9629in_2016 Individual observed in 2016 round discretenumeric
V9630indid_2016 Unique individual ID in 2016 discretecharacter
V9631hhid_2016 Unique household ID in 2016 discretecharacter
V9632pn_2016 Individual no. in hh in 2016 discretenumeric
V9633indiv_result_final_16 Final individual result in 2016 discretenumeric
V9634hh_result_final_16 Final househhold result in 2016 discretenumeric
V9635indiv_valid Individual questionnaire valid discretenumeric
V9636hhtype Type of household discretenumeric
V9637indtype Type of individual discretenumeric
V9638visit_date First visit date discretecharacter
V9639visit_m First visit month discretenumeric
V9640visit_y First visit year discretenumeric
V9641expan_hh Expansion weight-households continnumeric
V9642expan_ref_hh Expansion weight-refresher only-households continnumeric
V9643expan_indiv Expansion weights-individuals continnumeric
V9644expan_ref_indiv Expansion weight-refresher only-individuals continnumeric
V9645gov Governorate discretenumeric
V9646region Region discretenumeric
V9647urban Urban/rural discretenumeric
V9648urb_rural_camps Urban/rural/camps discretenumeric
V9649district District discretenumeric
V9650subdistrict Sub-district discretenumeric
V9651locality Locality continnumeric
V9652ref_stratum Refresher stratum discretenumeric
V9653ref_sernum Refresher serial num. continnumeric
V9654ref_resp_rate Refresher serial response rate continnumeric
V9655sex Sex discretenumeric
V9656brthyr Year of birth continnumeric
V9657brthmth Month of birth discretenumeric
V9658nationality Nationality discretenumeric
V9659nationality_cl Nationality (five categories) discretenumeric
V9660forced_migr Forced migrant household discretenumeric
V9661forced_migr_2011 Recent (2011 or later) forced migrant household discretenumeric
V9662age Age continnumeric
V9663agegrp1 Age (Ten groups) discretenumeric
V9664agegrp2 Age (Fourteen groups) discretenumeric
V9665reltohd Relation to the head of hh discretenumeric
V9666hhsize Total No. of Individuals in the Household discretenumeric
V9667marital Marital status discretenumeric
V9668sppres Spouse present discretenumeric
V9669spcode Spouse code discretenumeric

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