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Egypt - Labor Force Survey, LFS 2010

Ownership of assets


V2553CAR Has a car, van, taxi, cart, etc. discretenumeric
V2554CAR_N Number of cars, vans, taxies, carts, etc. discretenumeric
V2555MBCYCLE Has a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, etc. discretenumeric
V2556MBCYCLE_N Number of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, etc. discretenumeric
V2557TELV Has a TV, LCD, LED, etc. discretenumeric
V2558TELV_N Number of TVs, LCDs, LEDs, etc. discretenumeric
V2559SATD_REC Has a satellite dish, receiver, etc. discretenumeric
V2560SATD_REC_N Number of satellite dishes, receivers, etc. discretenumeric
V2561PLAYER Has a DVD, VCR, CD player, audio player, etc. discretenumeric
V2562PLAYER_N Number of VCRs/CD players, audio players, etc. discretenumeric
V2563TELPH Has a landline or cell phone discretenumeric
V2564TELPH_N Number of landline or cell phones discretenumeric
V2565TELPHL Has a landline phone discretenumeric
V2566TELPHL_N Number of landline phones discretenumeric
V2567TELPHC Has a cell phone discretenumeric
V2568TELPHC_N Number of cell phones discretenumeric
V2569COMPUTER Has a computer or laptop connected or not to an internet connection discretenumeric
V2570COMPUTER_N Number of computers or laptops connected or not connected to an internet connection discretenumeric
V2571INTERNET Has an internet line and related equipment discretenumeric
V2572INTERNET_N Number of internet lines and related equipment discretenumeric
V2573REFRG Has a refrigerator, freezer, water cooler, etc. discretenumeric
V2574REFRG_N Number of refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, etc. discretenumeric
V2575COOKER Has a cooker, stove, oven, etc. discretenumeric
V2576COOKER_N Number of cookers, stoves, ovens, etc. discretenumeric
V2577WASH Has a washing machine discretenumeric
V2578WASH_N Number of washing machines discretenumeric
V2579DSHWSH Has a dishwasher discretenumeric
V2580DSHWSH_N Number of dishwashers discretenumeric
V2581COND Has an air conditioner discretenumeric
V2582COND_N Number of air conditioners discretenumeric
V2583FAN Has an electric fan discretenumeric
V2584FAN_N Number of electric fans discretenumeric
V2585HEATER Has a heater discretenumeric
V2586HEATER_N Number of heaters discretenumeric
V2587VACUUM Has a vacuum cleaner discretenumeric
V2588VACUUM_N Number of vacuum cleaners discretenumeric
V2589IRON Has an iron discretenumeric
V2590IRON_N Number of irons discretenumeric
V2431COUNTRY Country discretenumeric

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